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Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Camarattery. Please know that each baby born here is our loved pet before anything else. And I have an adoption process each adopter must go through to ensure my babies are taken care of properly. Please see the Prices page for pricing and payment options. Here are the steps to begin the adoption process:

  1. All litters will be posted to our mailer. Sign up as your 1st step to adoption.
  2. Be sure I have babies posted in the nursery that are marked "Available" before you apply. You cannot apply if I do not currently have babies to offer you. If I do not have babies today, email me once babies are posted. You will hear about it on our mailer.
  3. Email me and tell me a little bit about yourself and why you would like to adopt. At this time ask for the adoption application and the adoption contract if you see babies you like in the nursery. I will then the email the application and contract to you for your review.
  4. If you approve of the terms, and if you qualify I will grant adoption approval. You can apply for babies either on the nursery page or the adult adoption page.
  5. Once you have chosen the rats you want to adopt, and I always adopt in pairs or more...You can then contact me for the PayPal address. This is not listed on the site. Please read the payment policy at the bottom of the prices page for exact payment instructions. I WILL NOT RESERVE THEM FOR YOU UNTIL A PAYMENT IS MADE.
  6. Once the payment is made, I will put your name on the rats you have chosen. And we can then set up a time for you to pick them up. You need to email me for a pick up time. My hours are listed at the bottom of every page on this website.
  7. Then pick up your babies! Please bring a carrier. But do not bring a dog or cat carrier, those are for dogs and cats. Rats are too small for the holes in those carriers. I wont send my rats home in them.
  8. All my babies need to go home on the food they are on now for the guarantee to be valid, so you can either purchase it from me or make your own mix from my recipe. Babies can't just be taken home and switched to a new diet cold turkey. So even if you choose to change diets you will need to wean them off the old one slowly over several weeks. So think about purchasing some from me in that case.
  9. After they arrive home give them 2 days to adjust before you take them out of the cage. Everything is new so they need to find food and deescalate from the move. Once the 2 days is over do not tease them with food at the door. This just makes them feel you are not confident enough to hold them so they will withdraw from you.  Animals read your emotions. Feeding them treats inside the cage treat trains them to stay in the cage. Give them treats once they are out.  So be confident and just go in and get them. They will love you for it and they will expect to be taken out and loved from that point on. Always keep your rats food dish full at all times. And do not poke fingers in through the bars. A lot of rats see that as a threat and nip to protect territory. While some rats are ok with it. Do not risk childrens fingers. Please let me know how the babies are doing after a couple of days at home. And then after that I would like health updates if and when they arise. I like to enter that and the DOD into my database so that I can continue to breed high quality animals.


We do not have a wait list. We  post all of our litters on our mailer once we have them. You may join that to get the latest litter updates.


No, not all adoptions are approved. There are many times where I deny adoptions to applicants. In all cases this has nothing to do with me being a mean person, but has everything to do with choosing the right person to adopt my babies. I am very picky about where my babies go and that makes me a great breeder who cares about how my rats are cared for and housed. It does not however make me a bad person or breeder. I am actually a very mellow kind hearted person and easy to get along with.

If I come to find out that the potential adopter does not agree with me about how rats should be cared for, then my babies are not right for them. So perhaps there will be another place that they can adopt from. These people are more than welcome to try other avenues to adopt rats. Also the main reason I deny adoption to people is because people do not bother to read my website or show interest in myself as a breeder.

I have more than enough adopters to choose from, and I do not breed for money. I do not need to consider losing out on a "sale" so to speak. I am not even a store or a business in the 1st place. I am a hobby breeder. And picking the right pet parents is a huge part of my hobby. So this allows me to hand pick the parents of all my babies.


Do I Sell Singles?

I do not sell singles under ANY circumstances!!! Especially when you already have 1 or more rats at home! That is so dangerous! Singles get singled out and can be hurt or killed. Do not ask me for a single rat!

The worst situation is when you have a pair for instance and one unfortunately dies, and you are left with one. This is the most dangerous time to add a single rat into your cage. As the older one has long since established that cage as his or her territory. Adding one rat will single the new one out causing harm or death to the new one. So this is not an option for my little babies! I am not putting them in harms way. So anytime you adopt from me you are adopting in a safe situation with pairs or more.

Lifetime Support

I will always be there for my adopters throughout the entire life of their pet. Anytime you need me for anything I am here for you. Please send me an email.

I also have a facebook discussion group for adopters only: Please join if you are adopting! I will only approve membership if I know who you are.

Visiting my rats before you adopt - No, but you can come into my living room

I am a closed rattery as most of us are. Viruses are spread via air and clothing. And I will not risk losing my entire breeding colony for you to look at them. There is no value to me in that. You can pick up at my house after you have chosen babies from the site. But you will not be going into my rattery.

Also unlike kittens or puppies who show personality early on rats don't show a temperament until they are around 9 months old. And because of that I put the genetic temperament of all my lines on my "lines" page so you can research which line best fits your situation based on what their family is like.