Website Updated 1.18.2018


Angora is literally the newest mutation of rats on earth right now. So not much is known. Its genetically a Harley but it's also curly and has a different feel to the coat. It's the softest coat type. It's so soft you almost can't feel it. So Angora is a soft long coated rat with a tight wave or curl and it shines like a Satin mouse.

The gene was mutated at Pixie's Rattery in Canada and she shipped them to me. It was thought by Pixie that the curl may come from a Satin gene she has in the line. But she wasn't sure. So she sent them to me to work on and figure out. This is not the same Satin we are used to in the Western United States. We have AFRMA Satin here (the correct Satin gene and term for the Satin coat) and that looks like Harley. AFRMA Satin has no shine. This is a short coated Satin from the Eastern United States which might have been in the Angora line. I really don't think they should call that Satin because its not the same gene as real Satins. However from the breedings I have done and the ones done by RuBY Rattery, we have discovered that there is no Satins popping up in our litters. So the gene simply isnt present. So that is not what is causing the curl. Even if we breed and Angora to a standard rat carrying no other coat genes, and breed those Angora carriers together, there is never any Satin there. Its only Angora and Standard coated babies.

Angora will not be sold to general adopters for quite a while. As that has no benefit to the variety whatsoever. But we have now shipped it to another as well so the 3 of us can work on it together.