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Starting With Our Favorite - Chai'

Chai'. Our rescue Siamese. And the love of our lives, you can see why. He's 10. Any animal that sleeps on your face need not have more of an introduction that that. Nuff said.




He's  2 years old.  He is a Maine Coon. He loves to play with everyone who comes to my house. He will definitely come out to meet you when you're here. And he's a very big cat.


Bowie. The house security system, and has finished his schooling for that. Need I say more the breed explains it all. Just don't mess with him.

Bowie's 2nd B-day pic

The Chickens

We have chickens that free range in our organic yard. We get around 7-10 dozen eggs a week from them.

I originally got them to feed the eggs to the dog since hes raw fed. But we later discovered how well they care for our yard and gardens. And are a huge help with the compost we make mostly from rat bedding, kitchen scraps, grass and leaves. The yard is fantastic as a result! We just love the farm! And so does the dog, who protects them from harm.

Shown here tilling the garden.