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Website Updated 7.17.2021

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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping and its too hot to finish right now.


Payment Policy - Read Thoroughly

  • I only accept instant transfers through PayPal. I do not take other forms of payment.
  • No rats are held or promised until a payment is made. Be quick.
  • We do not take down payments.
  • No refunds if you change your mind. Or send money without asking. All payments are final. I get charged for refunds so I do not do them. Money should only be sent once I have asked you to send it. And I give you the payment information.
  • Babies need to be picked up the week they are ready.  Go home info is posted at the top of the nursery. If they are not picked up that week, the rats will be resold and no refund will be given. But I can wait for your cage/supplies to arrive. You can work that out with me at the time you pay. Most especially, I will never hold them for you if your going out of town. I will not board them for you.


  • Add a description of which "specific rats/supplies" your paying for in the transaction on PayPal. There is a note section for that.
  • Email me for the PayPal address as its not listed on this website.
  • Please ask me if I have supplies before adding to transaction. As items can be handmade.

PayPal Fee You Need To Add To Each Transaction

  • PayPal adds 3% to each transaction. You must add that to your cost.
  • If you are purchasing one of our packages, I have already calculated that into the final price for you.
  • If you are not getting one of our packages please use the link below to calculate your correct fee.
  • Here is the link to the PayPal Calculator to get exact fees to add. Type in your order total, and it will tell you the fees to add. Add the amount that says "PayPal Fee" to your total amount.