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Website Updated 9.2.2021

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We do have a few babies at the moment but, breeding season has been over for 2 months, and it won't start again for at least another few weeks when the weather cools. I won't have babies again after that for 2 months after that until babies are ready.

Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping and its too hot to finish right now.


Sprouting Seeds

Seed sprouting is a fun and easy way to add fresh foods all year long to the rats diet. They are also full of protein and vitamins. You can sprout anything really. My favorites are lentils because they are ready in 24-36 hours.

← This is a mix I make using lentils, mustard seed, garbanzo beans and black eye peas.

You can buy a sprouter or use a glass jar with a towel on the top. Just be sure you are rinsing it more than once a day to prevent mold which is toxic to rats. The Sprouter I use. →