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Supply List

1. A cage. I reccomend going to If you choose Martins I reccomend the "rat lodge" or larger. And for males the "rat lodge" or larger. If you do 3 rats go one size bigger. In town there is nothing appropriate for rats. Or go to for their cages. Most of theirs are appropriate. Get the ones with levels.
2. A 11" - 12" wheel. Either durable plastic or metal mesh. Cage suggestions here.
3. 2 food dishes. One for the grain and one for wet foods.
4. Food. From me or fresh from a feed store or small mom and pop shop. Never from Pets Mart or Pet Co as they only have prepackaged stale foods sprayed with preservatives.
5. A water bottle. Ball or pin style.
6. A hidy hole big enough for the rats to cuddle in. IE... an igloo or timber hide away or similar.
7. A hammock.
8. A lava ledge. This is great for keeping nails and teeth trim and rats love them! If not then get a cuttlebone.
9. 2 hanging wood bird toys or chew ledges. Close in size to the rats or slightly larger.
10. A litter box. I like square ones for rats because they like to back their butts into corners to pee. And the litter should be either Yesterdays News or Corn Cobb. Rats like a pelleted digable litter.
11. Aspen shavings (not Kay-Tee brand its dusty) or shredded phone book from the feed store.
12. Bleach and a spray bottle. A cap full of bleach to 32 oz of water. This is for when you are hot water washing the cage in the tub. Let the bleach stand for a few minutes before you rinse. Vinegar does not kill all germs! Another option that I like is 256 cleaner. Its 1 tablespoon per one gallon of water. Love this cleaner! One gallon if this cleaner makes 256 gallons of cleaning solution. a 3rd option is clear f-10. Also dilutes in water.